I am very happy to tell you about the publication of my latest picture book, The Lending Zoo.

I got the idea for this book several years ago when I took some kids to the local zoo.  While we
were having our lunch I asked them what they were going to do next.
“We’re going to library,” was the answer.
“Too bad you can’t checkout animals from the zoo like you can check out books from a library,”  I said to my young friends.
On the way home I started imagining what such a zoo would be like:  What would the Zooberian be like and what adventures would happen in a place like that?   Now, several years later you can visit The Lending Zoo!  I have many more adventures in mind for Miss Perkins and Mr. Woozle who run the Lending Zoo and the many animals that live there.   But this book is where all those adventures start!
I hope you have as much fun reading The Lending Zoo as I did writing and illustrating it.