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The Lending Zoo

Miss Perkins is happy to be the librarian at The Lending Zoo, a ‘zoo-brary’ that lends out all types of animals—from massive elephants to majestic giraffes. Everything usually goes smoothly: water buffaloes, snakes, parrots, and more are checked out and returned without a problem. But one sunny day Pancake, the tiger, goes missing and Miss Perkins along with her new friend Molly must go on a citywide search to find him! Will they be able to track him down before he causes a commotion all over town?

I Met a Penguinbuynow

I Met a Penguin

I first published I Met a Penguin, in 1972. This reissue brings a tender tale of interspecies romance back into print in a delightful clothbound edition.
Meet lion who lives happily with his friends on an island until, one day, stung by a friend’s criticism of his abilities as a fisherman, the lion drifts out to sea to think. He lands at the South Pole, where he meets what one contemporary review called “a paragon of a penguin.” When the lion finds himself home again, he looks back: “I met a penguin as strong as an elephant, as gentle as a dove, as pretty as a peacock, and I fell in love.”.



Baby Bear is so excited. He’s going to eat pizza for the very first time! One taste, and it’s love at first bite. Now Baby Bear sees pizza wherever he looks, and he even dreams about it at night. He just can’t get enough of this yummy treat. Will he ever eat anything else again? This is the latest addition to the Baby Bear series.



On Halloween night, Sam invites all of his friends to his house for a costume party. As his guests arrive, each one brings the same treat—popcorn! They make it all, and soon the house is overflowing with popcorn. What will Sam and his friends do with so much of this tasty treat?
This refreshed edition of a beloved classic features the original text and art with an updated cover.

Sand Cakebuynow

Sand Cake

On a family trip to the beach, Baby Bear asks Papa Bear, “If I make you a cake, will you eat it?” Papa Bear agrees, but he wants Baby Bear to use ingredients like flour, milk, and eggs. Except everywhere they look, there is only ocean and sand. It will take some very special creativity to “bake” a cake on the beach!
This refreshed edition of a beloved classic features the original text and art with an updated cover.

Bread and Honeybuynow

Bread and Honey

At school one day Bear paints a picture of his mother. On his way home, each of his friends offers advice on how to make the picture look even better. Will Mama Bear be angry—or amused—when she sees Bear’s unusual portrait?
This refreshed edition of a beloved classic features the original text and art with an updated cover.

Milk and Cookiesbuynow

Milk and Cookies

Baby Bear and his parents are having a sleepover at his grandparent’s house when he hears a scary noise. He looks through the cellar door keyhole and sees a dragon! Then he dreams the dragon comes upstairs and eats his milk and cookies. Bear is scared, but luckily his father shows him that the dragon is not what he thinks—and there are plenty of milk and cookies to comfort him.
This refreshed edition of a beloved classic features the original text and art with an updated cover.

Moonbear's Shadowbuynow

Moonbear’s Shadow

One sunny day Bear decides to go fishing, but his shadow keeps scaring the fish away, time and time again. Bear tries everything he can think of to get rid of this pesky nuisance. And at last he succeeds—or so he thinks!
This refreshed edition of a beloved classic features the original text and art with an updated cover.

Moonbear's Petbuynow

Moonbear’s Pet

Bear and his friend Little Bird have a brand-new pet! She’s a cute little fish, and they name her Splash. One day Splash starts growing wings—or are those paws? Little Bird is convinced Splash wants to be a bird, but Bear disagrees and insists she’s turning into a bear just like him. Can Bear and Little Bird have different ideas and still stay friends? And just what will Splash become?
This refreshed edition of a beloved classic features the original text and art with an updated cover.

Moonbear's Dreambuynow

Moonbear’s Dream

When best friends Bear and Little Bird spot a kangaroo bouncing across Bear’s lawn, they can’t believe their eyes. It must be a dream! Bear and Little Bird know that dreams are special, so they decide to have some fun before they have to wake up.
This refreshed edition of a beloved classic features the original text and art with an updated cover.



One night while watching the moon, Moonbear turns to Little Bird and asks, “I wonder what the moon tastes like?” The ever-curious Moonbear begins a quest that ends up taking him all the way to the moon and back again.
This refreshed edition of a beloved classic features the original text and art with an updated cover.

Moonbear's Bargainbuynow

Moonbear’s Bargain

Bear wishes he could fly like Little Bird. Little Bird longs to be big and strong like Bear. So Moonbear and Little Bird strike a bargain. Moonbear agrees to teach Little Bird how to be big and strong. And Little Bird agrees to teach Moonbear how to fly! Will the two best friends see their dreams come true?
This refreshed edition of a beloved classic features the original text and art with an updated cover.

Just Like Daddybuynow

Just Like Daddy

Little Bear loves to do everything his daddy does. When Daddy yawns, dresses, eats, fishes, and uses bait, so does Bear, just like his father. But when the whole family goes fishing, Bear catches a big fish…just like Mommy!
This refreshed edition of a beloved classic features the original text and art with an updated cover.

Moonbear's Sunrisebuynow

Moonbear’s Sunrise

Moonbear loves watching the moon rise, enjoying its beauty and wonder. But when Little Bird tells Moonbear that sunrise is just as beautiful as moonrise, Bear wants to see that, too! Can he find a way to enjoy his favorite nighttime activity (moongazing, of course) and still wake up early?
This is the latest addition to the Moonbear series.

Moonbear's Skyfirebuynow

Moonbear’s Skyfire

When Moonbear looks out his window and sees a rainbow for the first time, he’s sure the sky is on fire. He is determined to put out the skyfire, but Little Bird has other ideas. How about finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, instead? This refreshed edition of a beloved classic features the original text and art with an updated cover.



Bear wants to dance with the moon. But he’s not sure the moon will want to dance with him. Perhaps with some help from his friend, Little Bird, Bear’s wish can come true!

Moon Gamebuynow


One night Moonbear decides to play hide-and-seek with the moon. When it’s Moonbear’s turn to hide, the moon finds him every time. But when the moon ducks behind a cloud and doesn’t come out, Moonbear gets worried. Is the moon lost forever?


Happy Birthday, Moon

Moonbear discovers that he and the moon share the same birthday. Now Moonbear wants to give his nighttime friend a present. But what do you buy the moon?

This refreshed edition of a beloved classic features the original text and art with an updated cover..


Here Comes the Cat!

Funny, whip-smart, and illustrated in mesmerizing detail by Russian born illustrator Vladimir Vagin, Here Comes the Cat! is a parable about fear, more relevant than ever, that follows in the great tradition of Chicken Little. The new edition, published by McSweeney on the 25th anniversary of the book’s conception, comes complete with a fold-out dust-jacket/poster.


Happy Birthday Big Bad Wolf

When the Big Bad Wolf comes knocking at the door of the Pig family, he’s in for a real surprise. Poppa Pig, Momma Pig and Little Pig are throwing him a birthday party ? and it’s not even his birthday! Before the guest of honor can even think of huffing and puffing, he’s considering cake flavors, opening his present and making a birthday wish. Will the Big Bad Wolf end up enjoying some birthday cake with the three pigs, or will he make them his main course? The comedy-tinged suspense and the softening up of a big, bad bully in this sweet and funny fractured fairy-tale will have children squealing with delight.


The Daily Comet: Boy Saves Earth From Giant Octopus!

An entertaining father-and-son story about tabloid culture that will delight even the most hardened skeptics.
Youthful doubter and know-it-all Hayward Palmer is accompanying his father — a reporter for the sensationalisticDaily Comet — on a “Go to Work with a Parent Day.” Hayward has a rational explanation for all the weird and wacky things they encounter … until he finally comes face to face with an ENORMOUS fact he can’t explain. And if Hayward doesn’t start believing fast, it could be too late — for him and his dad!


Time Twister

Book #3 in the Journal of a Cardboard Genius Series

Alex, the cardboard genius is back. The good news is that he’s found a way to tame his rotten little brother, Jonathan––and he’s finally ready to leave him and Planet Earth behind. The bad news is that he’s hit a last minute snag in his mission.
But no problem is too big for Alex’s mind boggling brainpower. He soon comes up with a solution. Find out how Alex manages to problem solve his way through his dilemma and the amazing inventions he uses to accomplish his mission.


Gravity Buster

Book #2 in the Journal of a Cardboard Genius Series
In Alex Archer’s previous journal, Star Jumper, he revealed how his amazing cardboard spacecraft was tragically destroyed during a pillow fight with his little brother Jonathan. Alex knows that all geniuses encounter a setback now and then, yet this setback has only spurred him on to even greater achievements. Alex’s new spaceship is twice the size of the old one and is equipped with many astonishing features, such as a telescope that can see around the universe and an electromagnetic shield stronger than Superman’s cape! Stay tuned for another exciting adventure as Alex, the cardboard genius, takes us into his world and beyond.


Mrs. Marlowe’s Mice

Meet Mrs. Eleanor Marlowe, a young widow who lives in an apartment by herself — not counting the extended family of mice who secretly live with her. Harboring mice is a very serious offense in Cat City. Why would a mild-mannered widow run such a risk? The neighbors wonder why Mrs. Marlowe never invites anyone over for catnip tea. Her secret little friends are beginning to wonder about their host, too.


Star Jumper

Book #1 in the Journal of a Cardboard Genius Series

Self-proclaimed genius inventor Alex is convinced that his little brother Jonathan is evil. The kid never shuts up. He’s a klutz, and he drools on his pillow when he sleeps. Jonathan’s specialty, though, is sticking to Alex like glue — and sticking his nose into his big brother’s business. That’s why Alex has to leave Earth and fly so far away that no one will ever be able to find him. Using cardboard, duct tape, old odds and ends and his amazing scientific imagination, Alex builds Star Jumper, a spaceship that will deliver him from his rotten little brother forever!


Mr. Maxwell’s Mouse

Mr. Maxwell is one contented cat. He has just been promoted. And what better way to celebrate than by going to his favorite restaurant, the Paw and Claw? He decides to live a little and order the house specialty — a live mouse. When the headwaiter asks if they should kill the mouse, Mr. Maxwell says that isn’t necessary. He knows the Paw and Claw’s mice are bred for politeness! But this particular live mouse can’t keep quiet — would Mr. Maxwell like to add a little salt? Or order a glass of wine? Would he mind saying a little prayer before eating? My, what a bold and wordy mouse!


Monsieur Saguette and His Baguette

Monsieur Saguette, on the way home from buying a baguette to eat with his soup, uses his imagination to help himself — and others — in times of need by transforming his ordinary baguette into something extraordinary! A cat up a tree? No problem once our humble hero wields his trusty, crusty baguette. An alligator on the loose from the zoo? A robbery? A stalled parade? No challenge is too great or too small for Monsieur Saguette and his amazing baguette.


Class Pets: Survival School

Molly, Jake, and Dexter are just trying to survive in a cat-eat-mouse world!
Dexter is the newest class pet in Miss Clark’s classroom. Just as brother and sister mice Molly and Jake are getting settled inside the walls of P.S. 42 and Miss Clark’s room, Dexter escapes from his cage and turns the classroom upside down. Pretty soon he’s in the company of Molly and Jake, and it’s their job to show him how to survive in the world outside his cage. Teaching “survival school” isn’t as easy it seems, and before long, Jake, Molly, and Dexter find themselves caught in a series of survival lessons.


Class Pets: Battle in a Bottle

It’s late at night and Big Gray, the monster cat, is on the prowl. Brother and sister mice, Molly and Jake, are safe inside the walls of P.S. 42, building their nests. Jake should have listened to Molly’s advice and stayed inside. But he wants nothing to do with school, class pets, or even kids. While Molly is learning the secret art of X-ray vision from Gino, Jake is getting into trouble on the playground in another tangle with Big Gray. The only place he can find to hide is inside a ketchup bottle…and that’s when the battle begins!


Class Pets: The Ghost of P.S. 42

Jake and his sister, Molly, are looking for a new place to live. When the mice discover Public School 42, they wonder if they should make it their new home. But Jake has scary encounters with an owl and the bully cat Big Gray, and wants to go back to his family. Meanwhile, Molly makes friends with a gentle hamster named Gino (who is also a ghost!) and with Miss Clark’s class pets, and wants to stay. Can she convince her brother to live at P.S. 42, even though it is haunted?