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My Latest Bear Book

mfs-coverNow available as a downloadable ebook on iTunes, Barnes and Noble (with audio), and on Amazon, (audio not available yet.)  Read for you by the author.


Come and See Me and Moonbear


I will be performing with puppets at the Kohala A’ina Festival in the Children’s Tent on Saturday November 12 between 2pm and 2:30pm.  For details check out: http://hipagriculture.org/events/kohalaaina

Come and see me and Moonbear!


I am very happy to tell you about the publication of my latest picture book, The Lending Zoo.

I got the idea for this book several years ago when I took some kids to the local zoo.  While we
were having our lunch I asked them what they were going to do next.
“We’re going to library,” was the answer.
“Too bad you can’t checkout animals from the zoo like you can check out books from a library,”  I said to my young friends.
On the way home I started imagining what such a zoo would be like:  What would the Zooberian be like and what adventures would happen in a place like that?   Now, several years later you can visit The Lending Zoo!  I have many more adventures in mind for Miss Perkins and Mr. Woozle who run the Lending Zoo and the many animals that live there.   But this book is where all those adventures start!
I hope you have as much fun reading The Lending Zoo as I did writing and illustrating it.

I Met a Penguin- Reprinted in Hardcover


At this point in my career I’ve published over eighty books, but I Met a Penguin is truly one of the special ones.   I’m so glad that it’s finally back in print and available again.
I Met a Penguin is an innocent bitter-sweet story about a lion that meets a penguin and falls in love.
I wrote and illustrated it many years ago when I was living at a school in a rural village in India
teaching English to young Indian children.  I guess, looking back, that was the perfect place to create  this book, so far from the rest of the world, like the main character, Lion, who lives on an island in the sea.   Whenever I write a story something of my life inevitably seeps into it, but I Met a Penguin is the most autobiographical story I’ve ever written.   I think it’s also one of the most universal. So allow me to introduce you to this tender little story.
Class Pets: Book 4

Class Pets: Book 4

I love to write about mice.  When I was a kid my mother read to me from the Teeny Weenie’s which was a newspaper cartoon that later became a series of children’s books.  The Teeny Weenies were tiny people but they harnessed mice for transportation and other purposes.  Those stories captured my imagination and invited me to roam in the teeny weenie world that mice inhabit. Mice are small enough to live inside walls, and have all their adventures while we sleep.  Their acute sense of smell, curiosity, and agility makes them a delight to write about.

Pandamonium is a thrilling new adventure story about two mice,
Molly, who is obsessed with her dream of becoming a class pet
and her brother, Jake. Poor Jake, he just wants to eat well and live
the easy life. Unlike Molly he isn’t interested in bettering himself, or even children. Never the less he gets carried along with Molly’s elaborate schemes and ends up hurling through space inside a stuffed panda bear and spending a “chilling” night inside a refrigerator!

Pandamonium is a stand alone story available only in e-book format
published by my own imprint, Pet Rock Mountain Press. It is also the exciting, heart warming,
conclusion to The Class Pet series (The Ghost of PS 42, Battle in a
Bottle, and Survival School,) published by Simon and
Schuster (paperback).  Pandamonium is  available in e-book format from Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and Barnes and Noble. Works on iphones, ipads, android tablets, phones, Nooks and Kindle.  This chapter book is appropriate for 6-9 year olds.

Popcorn is Back!

popcorn-9781442466623Sand Cakebread-and-honey-9781442466654milk-and-cookies


Popcorn, Sandcake,  Bread and Honey, and Milk and Cookies are now available in hardcover.

They are larger than the original edition, and printed on fine paper.  These books really look great.  Ask for them now at your favorite bookseller.


Simon and Schuster has recently reissued several of my Bear Books.  Some are Moonbear titles, but they are also bringing back bear books from the Baby Bear series.  Eventually they will be bringing back ALL of these titles in hardcover, so if you have been waiting for your favorite bear book to be available you won’t have to wait much longer.  Covers and sizes have been updated.  We think they look pretty snappy. They will also be available with the new cover styles in paperback and ebook format.  We recommend the iTunes version of the ebooks if you have an ipad as the Kindle version does not support audio unless you have a Kindle device.

Look for these titles now from your favorite bookseller or click here to find them on Amazon.



Available NOW in hardcover.  A Classic! 



Available NOW in Hardcover!



Available NOW in Hardcover!



Available in hardcover on or around August 19, 2014







Giallo Giallo, the Italian version of Yellow Yellow,  just won the Andersen Prize for “best book ever awarded”.  Mark and I are both proud of this acknowledgment of our youthful collaboration.  The new version was printed in a larger format than the 1970 edition, which makes it even easier to enjoy Mark’s wonderfully detailed drawings.

This book is available on Amazon (click here) and is in Italian and English with the English text very small on each page.


Pictured: Frank Asch (left) and Mark Alan Stamaty in 1976

Photo credit:  Jan Asch

Yellow Yellow is back!

In 1971 I published Yellow Yellow with my good friend Mark Alan Stamaty who did an outstanding job with the illustrations.  It has been out of print for a long time, but we’re happy to announce we’ve just signed a contract with an Italian publisher to bring our classic back into print.  It will be published in English and Italian.