Fun Stories

Harry’s Hairy World

One day Jaden, a nine year old, home schooled friend, and his mom Rachelle came over to visit us.  While Rachelle and Jan chatted, Jaden and I thought it might be fun to explore the forest/jungle behind my house.  We found a campsite and built a fire pit and then lit a fire and “warmed” some cucumbers and dates.  (Jaden is a raw food vegan)


Since then Jaden and I have been playing together about once a week.

One day Jaden came over and it was too rainy to go out and play in the jungle.  It rains a lot in this part of Hawaii. About 125 inches a year!   So we played some card games and then decided to draw together.  As we were drawing, and eating blueberries and raspberries (Yum! I love to eat snacks when I draw.  I wonder if Picasso ever did that?)  we started talking about what we were drawing. When one of us started adding hair to everything we drew that suggested the idea of a world where everything was hairy!    And that led to a story which we drew together.  It’s called Harry’s Hairy World.  Jaden and his mom colored it in.  And you can read it right here: